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General Mills was the founder of the vitamin business along with the seed industry.Both of which were thought to be nearly the same in effectiveness due to the fact that many products that once contained vitamins were concentrated in such dense granules that it was literally literally impossible to swallow down.

After that it was found that the body could get the vitamins it required from the foods we ate, however the amounts in those foods were not nearly as dense and that if the dose was too large, the body would not absorb it all.

This caused a lot of vitamins to be thrown away along with the idea that they were unnecessary for our bodies to maintain good health. This proved to be the beginning of the birth of the vitamin industry, and unfortunately in that short history, many of the diseases and conditions that affect us today were not even known to mankind for many years.

Today in the early twenty-first century, with great effort in research and development, the vitamin industry has again found a way to make their product known to the wants and needs of the individual. And this is done by packaging the vitamin into various products so that the consumers can use the products to whatever extent they require them. And an obvious application for these products is in the fields of medicine and healthcare, where vitamins are often used to treat and prevent many ailments, conditions and diseases.

The basic problem with the old practice of just taking an assortment of different vitamins just to cover your bases is that it is no longer a sure sure fire way to maintain the quantity needed to serve out your base daily requirements. If you take just a whole bunch of different vitamins all at once, you are simply wasting time and not getting the benefits that you should be getting from a variety of individual sources.

But with the discovery of the different varieties of vitamins that a body needs, it is possible to take a variety of different vitamins in a meal, or even in a half hour of half fresh juice, which means that you get your boat claimed with no extra bill to be bought at the chemist’s later.

Then of course you need to account for all the various factors, that can be affected by the use of nutritional supplements. For example, certain individuals may have a lower blood vitamin level than others, while others are able to get more benefits from vitamin supplements than others.

The fundamental premise of this new practice is that you can mix and match your various nutritional supplements, whether it is vitamins or herbs, and still get the benefits that you should be getting from your diet in order to keep healthy. These lifestyle changes need to become part of your daily life, or you may as well stop taking them altogether. What you need to do is to take the time to determine the differences between what works for you, and what you are doing purely for sake of looking good.

Your desires and rigors are greater than your preference and common sense. If you like doing things simply because you like them, even if it means that you cheat a little bit, you choosing to remain healthy and well because you are more committed to doing things than the momentary pleasure is present to you.

If you have been guilty of this, and you see other people who have become pillars of their communities because they have found the will to remain committed to their ideas even when the going gets tough, you can learn from them.

In summary, the practices provided by the vitamin industry have helped millions of people around the world to restore their health, and many have been able to rebuild their lives after years of unhealthy living. Whether you use the supplements or not, you can most definitely now benefit from the better understanding provided by the vitamin industry and its practices.

Note: (1) The original version of this article incorrectly referred to Vitamin C as a Water soluble Vitamin. It is an Antioxidant. (2) The article was further corrected on 1st October, 2009. (3) The article was further corrected on 1st October, 2009.


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