How To Make The Best Strawberry Smoothies – Useful Facts You May Not Know

The first time I made a fruit smoothie was over 20 years ago. I only did it because I wanted to improve my digestion and my health. Since then, I only liked to make smoothies when I was in the mood to eat fruits. However, a lot of people are much less into making smoothies regularly, probably out of concerns ofbalancing the vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

Fresh fruits are crucial in your diet because they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed by your body. They also taste great when mixed with some yogurt or fat-free milk. Although fruit smoothies are far healthier than drinking a fruit drink, here are a few nifty tips you can use to make the best using strawberries and bananas.

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What you’ll need:

If you’re planning to make a fruit smoothie, you’ll need to remove the skin of the strawberries and bananas. This will let the fresh taste of the fruit into the smoothie.

An ice cube tray halves up as a dispenser for the cooled liquid. You may use any kind of liquid instead of water.

Strawberries or bananas.

A pitcher. This is where you will put the ice cubes.

Make sure the fruit is washed and pre-ripenized. This prevents the degree of freezer burn on the fruit.

Ices would be preferable, but due to the short-ynthesis time of the ripe bananas or strawberries, you will need to use less ice. The best would be something like ginger and lemon.

Another consideration is the sugar content of the fruit. Both strawberries and bananas have sugar contents that are needed to fill your the bloodstream, but the sugar content of the fruit you would prefer is what you should use. When you are mixing the fruit and the ice, you should do so more gently so as not to crush the fruit. The same is to be considered while mixing the fruit and the ice.

How to incorporate the fruit in the smoothie?

Whether you’re making a fruit smoothie or using the basic version, you’ll want to consider how you want the fruit to fit in. Fresh fruit is great for smoothies, but some fruit varieties are better for blending than others. Consider the following factors and decide how you want your fruit to be blended.

The Banana Smoothie

As already mentioned, the banana is a great fruit to use in smoothies. It has a rich flavor and even though it has water content, there is no need to pre-maltise it. As there are so many varieties of banana, you can easily get the right balance of flavours. Using banana blends with other fruits such as mangoes, pineapple and blueberries, will researcher suggests, create the best results.

Blending the fruit

Whilst natural ingredients were used when preparing the smoothie, care should be taken to avoid using too many artificial ones. Excessive processing of the fruit may also force some undesirable flavours and chemicals into the fruit because of the solvent properties of the fruit.

The fruit should be well maintained and not show signs of spoilage. If you wish to remove the peel, it should be first prepared with a little lemon juice and then the core and ends removed. You may then use a nutcracker to break off the upper yellow layer. You may then use this for garnishing the smoothie.

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