The Benefits Of Whey Protein For Women – Part Three

Many women wonder if weight loss shakes are suitable for their needs. They may be menopausal; they may be taking medications; they may be emotionally overwhelmed; they may be full of life and zest, all of which contribute to emotional fragility and menopausal symptoms. It is essential to consider the possibility that you may be suffering from magnesium deficiency.

Nutritional supplements are all the time becoming more popular and one can buy anything that they like with the exception of the truth. There are several companies that produce vitamin and mineral supplements for women which contain plant estrogens. There is also the powdered non-dairy egg white protein that is good for those who are lactose intolerant.


The question is: Does it really work? There is no clinical proof that it is the magical pill that women world-wide have been craving for. The fact is that the concentrations of the essential plant estrogens relative to centimeters of estrogen are so small, that they are practically non-existent in the body. It works byusting the body’s natural production of cortisol, and the endorphins that are released from the brain are the natural anti-depressants produced by the body.

The bottom line: There are chemicals in the body, but the size of the chemical produced is so minuscule, that the body will not be affected by them. The key is getting high concentrations of the things in the supplements that will affect the body the most.

G taboo hormone balance – what are the side effects?

A study done on women who were given the hormone replacement drug Tamoxifen, presented at theBasic Health Needs pre-�� conference in 1985, showed that after an average of 7 years of taking the drug, there was an increase in vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, and breast engorgement.

After three years of continued use, worsened symptoms included:

-An increase in rectal bleeding-Increased vaginal dryness-Diarrhea and nausea-Weight gain-Bone and muscle weakness-Too many headaches

After two years of use, the women in the study had experienced symptoms that were similar to those listed above. Scientists concluded that the vaginal walls are vulnerable to damage from the repeated cycles of uterine contractions that begin and end with the same day, week after the start of treatment.

In 2005, another health problems with the hormone replacement drug, hiredic milrinone, known by the brand name DVT, was discovered. An Italian study found that milrinone causes higher rate of certain cancers in female rats.

Hormone replacement drugs should only be used under medical supervision. They should never be used by people with compromised immune systems, pregnant or nursing women, or Anyone allergic to medicines that are common in the area.

How do I know if something I’m taking is right for me?

Dietary supplements in the U.S. are unregulated, and many manufacturers make their claims of purity that are not backed up by approved government tests. To be sure what you’re taking, check that the list of ingredients AVOID contains any of the following: milk, silk, sucrose, starch, flavorings, binders, fillers, and artificial colors. Be aware that claims of purity that the package or label makes should be investigated.

Be aware of “bioavailable” claims as well. Longevity claims that range only from 20 to 50% are considered to have the least amount of bioavailability simply because they don’t reach the stage of being absorbed in the body at a rate that would be expected given the potency of the ingredient. Also, manufacturers may use terms like “inate”, “concentrated”, or “vegetable protein” to describe a soluble fiber source, but these terms are not dependent on whether the source is soluble or insoluble. Another “killer” of the dietary supplements industry is the addition of coloring to make them look fresh. Clinical experience has shown that egg cartons, which are colored green for extra moisture, can also have as much or more of the stuff as the retail package.

To be safe, consumer beware. Read labels. Safety tips to follow:

Ways you can safest eat your way to a healthy Pregnancy:

Dark green vegetables are an excellent Pregnancy superfood – so add them to your diet. Here’s a list of dark green veggies that are calorie and nutrient dense:

Most dark green veggies are high in vitamin K, A and C, and the phytonutrients, known to have protective qualities against cancers and heart disease. Here’s a list of recommended vegetables:

Arugula: 13 vitamins, 4 protein, and 1 gram of fiber per cup

Broccoli: 5 vitamins, 2 trace minerals, and 0 fiber.

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