The GREAT Debate – Olive Oil Is Best Bottled Water

When it comes to the great debate between olive oil and bottled water, which is believed by many to be the most healthy drinking water ever, there are many factors that might be considered. And perhaps there is not as much as there seems to be for one side or the other.

Of course, you have yourreaders and readers that are either for the proposition that tap water is suspect because it comes from suspect sources, or for the opposite position that pure bottled water is TomanoServito. (I am not making this up.)

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The latest studies have caused a flare up in the debate. And many more studies need to be done to resolve the great debate between the two sides. But what is known is this: Bottled water is not much more than tap water in a bottle.

The bottled water people are using is just tap water in a bottle. And, if it is just tap water that is going into the bottle, then this is a completely different story. But, if the bottled water is purified with some sort of filtering device, then this is a completely different story.

Why is this a story? Because there is actually laboratory evidence linking it to cancer. When you filter tap water and remove the chlorine part, you effectively remove the two major components that help cause cancer: poly-chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorine.

And by doing so, you protect yourself from heart disease. You don’t need proof of this. You know that the added fluoride helps prevent and cure osteoporosis. So you see, there is already enough fluoride in the water to prevent cancer.

But, what about when you add a substance whose damaging effects are known to the state and federal government? You don’t want to just stop drinking water, do you?

Here is another story. In California, Ralph Nader’s group organizes ” sting operations” in schools to get children to drink tap water. So, California schools are free to serve water to their students.

And, one parent has complained that her 15-year-old daughter has been getting sick since she was given bottled water. This is something that all of us are familiar with.

We must be concerned about this. These days, our children are the guinea pigs of the chemical and pharmaceutical drugs that the government is loading into the system.

Without a doubt, the government knows what is best for us. It has become so dependent on drugs that it is going to cost more and provide less.

Without even questioning the benefits of the drugs, we’ve wasted tax dollars on studies to show us how much healthier bottled water is compared to tap water. ridiculous!

The most expensive Bottled Water record $4.2 billion in sales in 2005. I believe that this industry is worth billions. Why?

It’s because they can sell bottled water as being safer than tap water. There are mountains of studies that support this claim.

The deniers go on TV to argue that there is no proof that Bottled water is any safer than tap water.

They are completely unaware of the fact that:

All those studies that have proven the other day that there isn’t even the possibility of safety in tap water are justoing to pile up.

We have a right to know what is in our tap water.The human Right to Know what is in tap water is miantime for us to act. We have a right to know both sides of the issue.

If you depend on your local water company for your water needs, consider Consider all the alternatives.

There are many, many more requirements that bottled water may have than your tap water.

We need to act on what we know about both tap water and bottled water. This means that we need to examine the alternatives carefully before we buy and use them.

We have unsafe drinking water in many ways. The most important thing that we need to protect our families from is something in which they can’t get sick from.

We have a government agency called the EPA that has been lying to us about the dangers of this water. They have been using exaggerated claims to make us think that this water is bad.

You may not realize that there is a possibility that this water is actually good for you. But, at least there is an alternative to buying it and ingesting it.

If you want to protect your family from the potential dangers of this water, then you need to mine for information and learn about home water filtration systems.

Not everyone knows about how to filter water and what to look for in a system. But, at least you should know about the ones you can buy for your home.

One question that pops into your mind is: “If I don’t have a water source in my home, how do I get clean drinking water?”

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