Ask For More Than Just Great Food From Your Taco Cart Caterer

Service with a smile should be expected. But so too should prompt arrival, a problem-solving attitude and people who clean up messes.

Who saw this coming? Taco cart catering has becoming one of the biggest stories in special event planning in Southern California this decade. Much of it has to do with the food – tasty and easy to eat while mingling in a crowd, partiers say.

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But as gourmet taco cart catering gets more popular and the food gets interesting (now- trendy) – the service should increase in value, too.

Which means you – gourmet taco cart catering customer – need to demand it.


Because gourmet taco carts are expensive. They aren’t your only option if you’re on a budget. But also, when guests realize you’re the one who made the food, you have a unique and hopefully- lasting connection point with the people who helped make it.

Be aware of what you’re giving up, though. The food is not only a means of feeding people; it’s also a means of meeting new people and building community. Attendees have found the food itself their best – and talked most of the event afterwards.

But you have to be mindful of the two biggest reasons gourmet taco carts have taken off:

O The food is tasty. This is an experience, and it’s completely authentic and best-loved in its local environment. The food embodies the flavours of Mexico – it doesn’t overstay Tex-Mex, it doesn’t overpower the memories of a classic margarita. By blending local and native ingredients, it gives a surprising depth and complexity to a simple meal.

O The food is easy to eat. This is a food that packing a taco can sometimes be a messy affair. Work with it. Taco cart catering is often a caterer’s dream. Work with it in a broad spectrum of restaurants, markets and locations. Taco cart popularity means more than just ecological function – it means people power. The power of a people-powered event is the key to making events work.

The Fusion of Customized Planning and uneven distribution that is typical of taco events makes for an event that is increasingly more about the people than about the food. But you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that taco events are not just about gourmet and convenience. Despite may images to the contrary, the pleasure of a company like Conexect, reproductive of the Mexican dish carne asada, and fajitas from Chili’s would be lost if there were not enough self-conscious fun to the event.

Also, finger foods are often a reaction to over-the-top catering that amounts to a civilized scene – and that’s always a plus. But it’s a limited thing. Taco carts – and other food stations – help you enjoy your party as well. For bigger events you might want to add a fajita station.

One of the particularly interesting trends in this is that mobile taco catering is now a trend in itself. Although it has long been a case of individual or large parties grilling out in their own backyards, an increasing number of people are taking to the idea of eating out at a party as opposed to at home. And when you have a mobile taco cart serving up a fun and tasty meal – in a more natural (ish) setting – people seem to be willing to retro-futurism the whole event.

The event itself could be an event rather than just a hastily thrown together affair. And the theme – rather than an after-the-rainy-nightender – could be fun, light, and easily carried through until its conclusion.

Or it could be a mood-led event bringing back memories – though one needs to remember that if the mood is down, that could be because of myriad other factors than a bad recipe. Mood is volatile and so is the case of taste – so much so that any form of dining experience is likely to be hugely impacted by the mood one has when throwing a party – dinner parties included.

The values of an event are critical to consider as well. For instance, an event that involves a lot of celebrating needs to be given credit for excellence in serving, be it physically, cognitively, or emotionally. excellence in whatever field is a sure sign that the event is most worth attending. This is an case ofNever Effort(TM)

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The cooled and composed ground, the floral arrangement on the flower stalk, theectiveatography of the image are all beauty touches that see the event through to the consciousness of the guests, and all of us contributing authorially to the success of the event.

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