5 Reasons To Eat Raw Foods

Did you know there are many healthy benefits to eating raw foods? While I’m not a doctor I can give you some of my own personal experience. I’ve been eating a mostly raw food diet for the past 5 years and have managed to lose weight, keep it off, and keep my body in great shape. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and the process of turning my body from a car that I once had into aeksa car!

The 5 reasons I’m going to present to you are:


1. A car that you wouldn’t think would need tune up in such a short amount of time.

If you put in the wrong type of petrol (I’m talking high performance here meaning really high performance engines) and really maximised the performance potential you could achieve higher mileage. Unfortunately in today’s society a lot of people think if they put just a hand in the right type of petrol “this will be OK”. They just haven’t maximised the technology to Centrifugal and semi- Laureanrizzle engines.

One of the main culprits in this area is people who only eat cooked food. Raw fooddeg economises the engine and you have to ask yourself if you’re worth the engine or not, which is a harder question to answer.

2. So, more bang for your buck and less time.

The main contributor to the time issue is mainly time. You can spend hours in the gym or at work preparing meals, going shopping, preparing, cooking and eating. Doesn’t sound like a life skill you might like to have, but a lot of people are finding this an essential life skill.

It’s becoming more and more apparent everyone should spend more time in the kitchen. There are endless creative ways to prepare raw food for each different function – be it the classic kitchen sink or cutting board, or shower stove and chopping board. The more varied your raw food preparation and diet is the better off your body. Different raw foods allow different digestive times and you can rebalance your body from the chemical overload many of us are subject to on a daily basis.

3. This will save you money.

When you’re eating raw, you’re eating more of a complete food than a plate of cooked food. Most of us are short of time. Eating cooked food staples such as rice, pasta and potatoes, when combined with a lifestyle of unhealthy eating habits and non exercise and alcohol can add up to massive weight gain.

I have loads of reasons to mention this all in the How To section of my book.

4. This will teach you more about nutrition.

You can learn loads more about nutrition from my website than you could ever learn from a book. I have personally gone through 6 phases of raw food eating, covering what to eat, what not to eat etc. I have 7 different recipes I’ve made over the past year forLet’s Get Well. Each one of those recipes gave me a raise as a person, understanding the nutritional value of what I was putting in. At the same time, it was also fun to make.

If you want to understand what specific nutrients your body needs, you can research that for yourself. But as a chef of raw food, I’ve made it my raw food education is an ongoing process. I learn a ton as I go along, and it’s quickly become second nature.

5. It’s fun.

It’s really important to realise that what you eat doesn’t have to be boring, that some of the most stimulating food is raw food. In my everyday raw food shop, I get to choose the fresh organic produce for my shop, which is also available in some areas.

Edible garden vegetables, sprouts, nuts, wheat grass, there’s a wide spectrum of things that you can buy and experiment with that are very exciting.

I also go a lot of lengths to make sure that I stick to organic products where I can, and that means organic produce from where I live. So I naturally enjoy this part of the process, and I’m learning all the different food groups, and which foods you should definitely stay away from.

The aim is to cut out the processed foods and replace them with the natural uncooked food we were designed to eat, and I really enjoy doing that.

Getting into the habit of eating raw foods, you’ll find that your body naturally starts to crave them, and you get to reduce your cravings for other foods. If you then take some of your time and do take a lot of time to prepare your organic, uncooked food, then you’ll find that your body gets used to that and you won’t crave junk food and sweets as much, you’ll feel better and you’ll sleep better.

So give it a try, start slow. There’s no need to go over to the extreme ends of the spectrum.

orange fruits on black plastic crate