Eat This Not That And Get That Flat Stomach – Benefits Of A High Fat Diet

Have you ever noticed how much people exercise, watch what they eat and how much they eat? They try and will go to the extreme of what is healthy for them at the moment but it backfire. It actually causes the opposite effect what they are trying to achieve. The latest research shows how to maximize your benefits from exercise and eating the right combination of fat, carbs and protein.

Exercise and nutrition must go hand in hand on how to get a flat stomach and enjoy the benefits of exercise. It starts with understanding what different foods do for your body.

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How the body uses food

Every part of your body has a specific role in relation to what foods do for you. For example digestive juices leave tell your body if something is good or bad for digestion. If it is labeled “Avoid” then it is something your body cannot handle. Excluding something from your diet is similar to cleansing your household. If you want to ensure that your body is working at it’s peak performance, you must make sure that you are feeding it the correct type of foods.

What you put in your mouth is the action that determined how your body responds to what you eat. It just so happens that the reactions are affected by your genetics, gender, age, medical conditions, exercise, diet and other factors. This is variable for each individual. However, there are widely accepted guidelines to go by.

Carbohydrates are the bodies major source of energy. That is the reason they are the largest percentage needed on a daily basis. Carbohydrates are broke down in the body by simple sugars. These simple sugars are what is known as “empty calories” because they have no nutritional value. All other nutrients are provided by either foods in the diet or supplements. In the past a diet was considered to be high in carbohydrates. That was the reason that people did not have to worry about counting carbohydrates in their daily diet. Today diet has a backspin. Today it has diversified it’s composition from carbs to protein to fat to vitamins and minerals. All of which have positive effects on how your body digests and processes food.

Protein is the building blocks for muscle tissue. You don’t get these larger molecules in a diet that contains large amounts of fat, protein, and cholesterol. Without protein, your great muscles are dead. Recent research has shown that high protein diets are useless without also eating large quantities of everyday carbohydrates. Scientist and authorities on nutrition recommend that protein in the diet has between 20 -35% of the caloric intake. This means that a person who eats NO carbs must at least eat foods that have 20% protein – 35% of the daily caloric intake. You can get this breakdown with a simple percentages using this equation:

OUND % PROTEIN =rounded mean caloric intake of protein (20% up to 35%)/rounded mean caloric intake of carbohydrates (20% up to 35%)

CALCIUM = #Fiber X #Fat ( calories/grams for fiber) / #Gram ( calories/grams for grams for grams for protein)

FIBER = #Carbs X #protein ( calories/ grams for grams for grams for fiber) / #grams ( calories/grams for grams for protein)

Protein is the building blocks for muscles. You can not eat muscle. You can not gain muscle without protein. It makes up the majority of any muscle in tissue. Today we see different protein types. There are the animal proteins. You find them in meat. You see, animal proteins, there is more than what you would think is enough in that kind of protein. And then you see the plant proteins, which are to form amino acids in the body. These amino acids are used, after one particular metabolism process, to form proteins that are used in the body. Plants have them in different amounts. Wheat grass protein according to studies, is the most easily digestible among all proteins. Among the plants that are eaten together to form proteins, rice is considered the best vegetable to arm yourself with. It has 25 grams of protein together with 14 grams of carbohydrates. You want to take in fiber. One kind of fiber is insoluble, it is the easiest to for digested. The second kind of fiber is soluble fiber, this is very flexible and it mixes with everything, so that virtually all the lactose, the sugar that is found in milk, is eliminated. You want to balance your diet. If you suddenly get lots of carbohydrates, the level of serotonin drops drastically. You feel depressed and tend to have cravings for certain foods. To balance the amount of carbs to the amount of protein, you need to use a very fine tuned balancing act.

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