Healthy Eating – Seeds Inside – Watermelon

The seed is better than the orange unfortunately. It’s not the biggest thing but it’s an important factor and all the difference. When you eat the seed its kind of like having a small amount of sunshine. Maybe that’s why it’s been chosen as the symbol of America. We produce a lot of monounsaturated oils and this is one of them.

You are part of nature. It’s sunny. You are in the natural environment of the seed. It has something to do with the fluids. That’s where I think you’re more instinctively better. As you process foods you become like the food processing plant. You become mechanical. You want things to have a certain shape. The seed is mostly in the form of fats, oils and protein but that’s as far as it goes. You become mechanical. So when you eat a seed it’s a good idea to process it a little bit. Oh! Ialmost forgot it’s the dehydrator. You should get one.

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As you process your seed, you become mechanical and you become better. Then when you become better you can move up to full hydration. Then you can move up to cooked food almost instantly as it really doesn’t hold that much.”

Right next to the seed is usually some water, and usually cow’s milk. And often some salt. And often some sugar to balance it. And often an animal source vitamin. And… and usually it’s some bioflavonoid. And usually there’s probably some vitamin and mineral source that’s mixed in with the water to make it slightly spicy. And then you’ll find greens, usually black and green, thumbdraws, almost always wrong. Green thumb draws are very popular, the black thumb draws. Then usually we’ll find some common herbs, really obscure species. We don’t want herbs like fern and stuff like that, we want herbs like garlic and onion and all those, and then you’ll find different condiments at the bottom and you’ll see baby powder, and sometimes oil.

And then you’ll see different kinds of oils. And you’ll see the whole grain usually. At the bottom you’ll see some raisins or whatever. Puffed Wheat is really not a whole grain – it’s mostly just empty calories. Cottonseed is not a whole grain. Oats are nice, and the oats themselves, are one of the best, but they’re not a whole grain. Most of our whole grains are modified. The new oats are a lot better for us than the regular ones, but they don’t taste like oats. Well, here they are piling up with the fiber. They actually taste like plastic.

It’s a little disturbing when you realize what you’re eating is not a whole grain and you’re eating all of these other things with plastic salsas and guacamole.

We kind of annoyance-proof our kids when they get food skins. Like, if they’re eating a sweet potato and they want it to be a sweet potato, we make it a sweet potato. So, what’s really odd is that we start introducing them to wheat in the form of whole wheat. Now, in the world of a lot of kids, a lot of kids don’t like wheat. But we get little antibacterial tracts. So, it’s a little upsetting to see them eating all these sugary foods that, with the whole grain, at a little bit. But what would happen is that they would become accustomed to, you know, three or four pieces of toast with butter and a little bit of jelly, or maybe a M&M, or a Snickers bar. Or a popcorn. They’re going to become accustomed to that. So, sooner or later they’re going to say, “OK, isn’t this much better than the M&M’s?”

It’s not a test. It doesn’t work on a closed system. There’s no absolute right or wrong. You just kind of keep it simple and it will work.

Kevin:To dramatically round it off, just briefly, if there are people listening in who are converts, converts, whatever, that want to find out how they can get started and what their challenges are, how do you group them into the uprooting and detoxing group and the health food group?

Nomi:OK. Well, health food – healthful foods, vibrant foods, anti-inflammatory foods, would be the three wings of the anti-inflammatory diet. So, what we’ve done is we’ve separated out the issues of inflammation, which is a huge problem, into two groups: health food and junk food. We give the health foodters very specific guidelines on how to ration their food so it’s healthful, and we give the junk foods a little bit more leeway.

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