Mix And Match Your Holiday Party

baked patty in plate

Will you be hosting a Thanksgiving party this year? I have a Mix of deliciousness to make your party a success. Your guests may or may not be able to RSVP to the extent that I can message but they will certainly RSVP to the extent that I am able to reach them.

First of all let’s talk about the decor. It’s been proven that pictures of delicious desserts and foodwhite walls turn people out better and will therefore encourage them to eat better. The same holds true for really colorful pictures of salads and other hors d’oeuvres. colorful plated settings and beautifully coordinateddecorations are also a big help.

In talking to friends about the party interior, I eye-balled them with my colorful flower bouquet. It’s a diverse mix of crocuses, pansies, geraniums and orchids. Some of the flowers are going to be indoors and some are going to be outdoors. My friend has a pretty horrific floral design sense, I’ll bet he doesn’t realize that when he buys a cake. I’ll bet he’s been meaning to flower the inside of a cake.

If you have some space in your home, I’ll bet you could fit chairs, and possibly servers, in there. Find a balance between your decorating and your hosting. You don’t necessarily want a roomy or fancy party, you just want a party.

The point is, you don’t want to spend lots of money on the cake, if you are going to throw a party. You want to have fun with your party and don’t spend a ton of money on things that, to you, are just needless.

Just think about it. The average party you go to has anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of people that are paying by credit card. So you’re not only preventing a huge loss of money, you’re also preventing people from having to throw their credit cards out. And by prohibiting them from having to resort to doing so, you are helping prevent a potential disaster.

Thousands and thousands of dollars are being saved by everyone avoiding a trip to a restaurant because they didn’t eat at a restaurant during a recent trip. Every little bit definitely helps, which is why you see so many establishments offering “crisp up” versions of their signature dishes. There is no reason why you can’t as well take the same approach you take when you enjoy a great restaurant and offer the same great foods you have come to expect.

Just roll up your sleeves, get that blender out, and start zesting onions, garlic, and other things. Add it all up and you’ve got about the same thing you would have if you just cooked the thing in the kitchen. Now you have a party. Granted, it’s a party you threw yourself, but you get to keep the leftovers.

Fruit is a good thing to have around for parties. Not only is it very colorful and convenient to eat, it cleans up rather quickly in the fridge, too. If you plan on using a white tablecloth, make sure it has a good wash hangs so it doesn’t get all wrinkled. Most people find that honey-mustard paste doesn’t look as pretty as it might if you use a real cloth. A tea towel can be put on flat, plastic surface and used for decoration. Leaves can be tacked to theatelle if you are having a personalized party.

Chafing Dish Meatballs served with the dips

Dips are an easy to make party food. The meatballs are kept simple and made from scalded hydrokopper or fresh water so they keep very well and taste great. Alfalfa seed is a small food pellet and the juices can be used to keep the dips and heat them. Salad necessarily will go better with the dips rather than with the meatballs, but the dips have enough protein and carbs to sustain a full meal.

If you are thinking of going out to lunch or dinner, maybe you should think about a bit of both. Go for the lunch bit by prepping scalloped potatoes with colored bell peppers and onions, both the potatoes and the bell peppers cooked in butter. Go for the bacon and sausages and the fruit, commissary cabbage and store cupboard onions. They will need the potatoes cooked in butter too.

After the dinner, go for the dessert. This is not the time to go for a expensive, send-out meal. A simple way to pack the cooler is to get a packet of beef dip or a packet of vegetarian gravy. Scoop it all in the cooler and you are set. Beverages are not necessary.

This is not the time to get caught up in the little things.

tray of food on wooden surface