The Benefits For Backpackers And Their Families Enriched Food

The first food that will be considered is the energy source. Food will be used depending on the conditions and activities that the individual will be involved in. These meals will be offered as a source of supply and as a way to maintain strength, energy and the flame of fire. There are many sources of these meals however they all work in a similar manner.

The first type of meals service provided is always Camping. Camping is extravagant as it involves building a fire and cooking the meals in a real fire pit. Food is cooked over the open fire and in many instances, meat and vegetables are roasted. This type of meal is enjoyed by many people and is a built in style to feed a group of people. It is usually considered later in the day than the cooked meals but is still packed and enjoyed by many people.


Another meal category is packed meals. These meals are usually served directly by the host or hostess of the hikers or groups. They are hot and can be made either on site or ordered online. These meals are strict in preparation and consist of enchiladas, chicken, hamburgers, stew and vegetables. The vegetables are usually not cooked and are considered a main course. The Everette meals are mainly cooked in oatmeal and consist of a protein and carbohydrate ratio of 4:1:1:1:1:1 (4:1:1:1:1 means half-time for protein and carbohydrate).

The formation of a good meals plan is difficult for a hiker or camper or someone trying to lose weight. The plans are generally based on calorie count, the amount of time spent in the woods and what materials are required.

calorie count

The calories are listed on a per serving basis. This means that a serving is the amount of calories in a tablespoon of trail mix. You will find a serving size at the end of the nutrition facts panel.

Serving size

The next is how many “dolups” the product contains. Dolups areuations of the nutritional information panel. If you see a “*” in the lower right hand corner, that means a product contains more than 6 teaspoons of the indicated food. For example, Sharpies contain 18 teaspoons of sugar. All Other Gelatin products contain 18 teaspoons of sugar.

A. For leftover food products, such as road-side take-out food, that are opened and closed before eating, the food will list its typical size on the front of the package.

B. Foods that are packaged in containers designed to keep foods cold such as zipped cans, they contain a fasting date.

C. When you purchase frozen foods, they will list how long the product typically has been frozen and advise if you can eat it within the provided time limit.

D. When you purchase products that are potentially hazardous, such as live insects, remember to check the packaging for a pathogens list.

Foods may be contaminated by odors and flavors. So before eating, use a nose scan.

6. Serving size

Foods that are typically served on a tray are commonly referred to as portioned foods. This tray can be made up of any size of food. This tray can be served as one or multi serving.

A. portioned foods can be ordered by the customer

B. portioned foods can be bought in pre-packaged bags

C. hard-to-come by foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are most often sold by the catering

D. display a variety of cooked foods rather than just a limited selection

E. foods are often reviewed by the client or customer during the event

6. cooking methods

The actual cooking methods should differ from those of traditional oven cooking. For instance, traditional oven cooking requires opening and closing the oven door constantly throughout cooking time, while the food is still cooked.

A. opening the oven door causes a temperature change that may affect the ability of foods to retain heat and may cause unhealthy foods to be cooked that would have otherwise been ignored.

B. Remember an oven’s temperature is always too high. Even when the temperature is lowered after cooking is finished, the food inside is able to retain the high temperature throughout the reheating process.

C. Cooking temperatures higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit are able to kill off harmful bacteria such as salmonella and e-coli.

D. Foods can have harmful quantities of acrylamide contamination. This is a major problem in the making of mayonnaise.

E. Organic foods are able to be sold at higher prices. This is because organic foods are still being produced following best practices established during the production process.

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when going for an organic food over a traditional food.

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