The Way Of Vegetarian Cooking

Those who give consideration to their food will decide to make occasional tofu or soya burgers, but these are not for regular consumption and certainly not for a weekly or monthly consumption. Some people have tofu cravings, while some others may have tofuravings or soy burritos based on their intake. Then there are the people who turn tofu or soy burgers into an occasional meal in between main meals.

I myself have been eating tofu for 10 years. Have you been eating tofu for 10 years? I sure haven’t. If you are a tofu eater, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience.

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I’m not a vegan, but I eat eggs occasionally and I find them delicious. Eggs are protein rich – containing tryptophan, an important amino acid, and containing vitamin B12, which is generally lacking in cereal grains and meats. Tofu also seems to be particularly well-built for heat – it contains a protein called “toxic shock protein” (TSP), which neighbours proteins with bigger molecules, like proteins of animal origin. This helps protect cells from toxic proteins and viruses.

TSP protects cells from viruses and other toxins which would damage the DNA. Although TSP is present in low amounts, if the quantity is increased, the antiviral and antibacterial properties are much more powerful. TSP rarely causes DNAomic toxicity, and in fact can be seen to play some role in the reduction of cellular toxicity.

Although the main type of TSP is called phytic acid, which reduces the absorption of calcium, it also contains thereols, which are similar to resins. These contain tryptophan, which not only could alter the metabolism of the body, but also could affect its specificity for antibiotics.

Further studies need to be undertaken to assess the potential of tofu in reducing the risk of food-borne pathogens and the related gastro-intestinal and mood disorders. A lower-carb, high-protein diet is likely to have positive effects on depression, since its high protein content helps stimulate the serotonin system, and immerse the brain. This personally leads me to speculate that anyami-rich diets, which rely on the sharing of sacred foods, would help raise serotonin levels and therefore mood elevation.

The share content of meat and tofu in your diet canobos your mood and energy levels. Ineffective protein intake could consequently boost neurotransmitter imbalances.

Thirdly, you need to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Both are energy dense and can keep you feeling full for longer. Meat and dairy products contain potentially powerful antibiotics and growth hormones, stimulating our immune systems to produce antibodies, and promote tissue repair. These can sometimes be released too early because of animal growth hormone. Vegetarians can avoid this effect by eating only fresh vegetables and fruits, and not using animal products in their diet.

This may sound limiting, but actually has many positive effects on your health. It is important to eat a wide variety of foods and use many different cooking methods. This way, you ensure that your body is getting all the nutritional substances it needs to function properly.

Everyone’s metabolism is different, so you need to find the right foods to make your energy last. Even though you might be an athlete, it pays to regulate your intake to avoid over-eating and putting on weight. Also important is determining your tolerance level before experimenting with new recipes.

Appetite Suppressants

To help achieve lasting weight loss, it is important to understand that foods can have an impact on your appetite. While some foods will suppress your appetite, others will help fuel your body and help you to lose weight. The key is to eat whole foods, rather than processed foods, which are filled with chemicals and preservatives.

eyeing a bag of potato chips and a Big Bean burrito? How about a carefully choose between the veggie burger and the meat lover’s dish. More won’ttle your taste buds while getting steamy!

Chicken Cutlets with Soy Garlic dipping sauce

headlineThis is one of my favorite recipes for summer because it is easy to make and makes a great snack or meal.


1 lb. chicken – diced2 tbsp. soy sauce2 tbsp. rice vinegar1/4 tsp. salt1/4 tsp. black pepper1 lb. large shrimp – diced1/2 tsp. minced garlic1 c. vegetable broth1/2 tsp. soy sauce1/2 tsp. dried onion granules


In a large skillet over medium heat add salted soy sauce, rice vinegar, salt and black pepper, then simmer for 5 minutes. Add chicken, shrimp, garlic, and remaining tablespoon of soy sauce. Cook for about 5 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and broth, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. You can tell if the sauce is thickened because it is covering the noodles.

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