Taking Supplements, Good Or Bad?

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Once upon a time I was having a conversation with a friend, we were talking about vegetarianism. I took the stand point that vegetarians needed to take dietary supplements in order to stay healthy, therefore it could not be a good or natural thing. The only thing I can say now is that some times you look back in life, and just wonder how you could have thought what you thought. You see, at the beginning of the conversation I had asked him how he couldwide it down with such a comment, and he answered me that he knew of a doctor that used to do research on such matters and he used to recommend that type of dietary supplementation that he himself would use.

This got me to thinking, if a medical doctor was so concerned about my health, Why did he not write a prescription for vitamins?

After all, a medical doctor is trained to know what he is saying. If he is not trained, then how come he can say that things are fine, “well there is no treatment known to cure the genetic disease you have, but you can take supplemental vitamins if you want to.”

Well, I decided to write him a prescription, and sent it to him. I figured that if he was so concerned about my health, he would have written it right down, and so to speak. I showed the doctor the email exchange that I had with him, and he wrote me a prescription that day, and it was sent to my email address.

Now, my point to you is, even if my husband was concerned about my welfare, he would have written me a prescription for vitamins. Don’t you think that that it was more likely that he would have loved to help me as he had done with my husband? I would really like to have that back.

I would like to ask you if you are aware of what dietary supplements are? How do you know that they work?

Did you know that 30% of all Americans are blindsided by a diet that is deficient in even one nutrient? Your chances of being a high performing diabetic is four times higher if your daily intake of important nutrients is lesser than required.

The lack of awareness of health issues and important nutrients is reaching epidemic proportions. Nutrition plays a big part in your health. It is literally brain food. How healthy you are on the inside is how healthy you will be on the outside. equals more opportunity for a disease free life.

I have been reading lately about the need to eat a diet that is full of antioxidants. This is great news for my family. We need to get all the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants we need every day to keep our bodies healthy.

So, one of the things that I have always tried to do is eat a healthy diet, and also take dietary supplements to help with any deficiencies that I might have. I have noticed some new things lately that I want to share with you.

Do you know what plant sterols are? They are probably the most powerful, natural ingredient available for overall health. First, they help to neutralize the damaging free radicals that damage your cells. This in turn produces high quantities of healthy, natural, radiant skin.

This is supported by the Schedule C of the United States Department of Agriculture. Sterols are fat soluble, which means that they need to be taken with food. They should be taken with food because immediately after eating, your body extracts them and uses them for proper absorption.

Another thing that these wonder substances do is help to boost your immune system. There might be some natural supplements that contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and herbal extracts that are beneficial for helping to lower the risk of illness and disease.

Natural supplements are recommended by many holistic physicians, because they help to detoxify the body. As I stated earlier, the liver is the body’s detoxifier, and when it is working properly so does the rest of the body. When the body is detoxifying, it is consuming a lot more toxins and illnesses.

Allnatural supplements are safe, because they do not contain chemically processed ingredients that are harmful to the body. The only side effects that I have heard about are gastro-intestinal problems, nose bleeding and excess iodine levels.

The supplement that I take contains such a large array of ingredients that it makes the plant sterols a little group of Wonders. But coenzyme Q10 is not one of the cows that aids in the production of ATP.

This supplement has high antioxidant properties that help to protect the membranes of the cells from free radical damage.This in turn enables more efficient metabolism of lipids.

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